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Liberalism. Is it simply a misguided political philosophy? Or is it, in fact, a deep seated and rather frightening psychological disorder? Neurosis is defined as Any one of various functional disorders of the mind or emotions having no physical cause. Also, mild mental illness characterized by anxiety, unreasonable fears, insecurity and the neurotic may seem hostile, selfish. This last bit is key-unmitigated hostility. To truly understand the Liberal, it is essential to recognize the hostility inherent in all his rantings, from the vicious attacks upon anyone who opposes his views to the unquenchable thirst to label opposing viewpoints as racist or immoral, as a symptom of the underlying condition inflicting him. While rhetoric is common along the entire political spectrum, from the far right to the far left, it is so pronounced a phenomenon in the Liberal as to provoke this theory of mental challenge. Let us look at some specific examples. The branding of President Bush as a racist after the Hurricane Katrina disaster is a perfect example. Report after report came out from the Liberal that the death toll was almost exclusively made up of poor black people, and therefore President Bush must be a racist. The actual fact that this was not at all the case was something that the Liberal simply could not grasp. Indeed, even after the numbers had been tallied and the actual dead were found to be split almost evenly between rich and poor, black and white, the Liberal today will still insist that the Government's response to the disaster is proof positive that President Bush is a racist. The collision between fact and belief cannot be reconciled in the Liberal's mind. This unreality, if I may use the term, and the need to place an unjustified label on the President is but a symptom of the underlying disorder. The recent wiretapping scandal is another prime example. I watched on television the other day while a Liberal was read, verbatim, the two Federal Court decisions upholding a Presidents authority to unilaterally approve wiretaps under national security concerns. The Liberals response? That the President acted illegally and without authority. The moderator again read the decisions, to which the Liberal replied, like a repentant petitioner chanting a mantra, that President Bush acted illegally and without authority. This is a clear case of the Liberals incapacity to accept reality, and his underlying need to assign unsupportable labels and to manufacture a reality to match his beliefs-hence, the hostile response. This fascinating disorder is further exemplified by the absolute inability of the Liberal to answer a direct question directly, without assailing either the questioner or the topic of the question. For instance, during the 2004 presidential elections, I asked many Liberals why they were voting for John Kerry. Their answers varied from Bush is a racist to Bush is an idiot to Bush is in bed with Big Business to Bush is a war-monger. When I repeated the question, but added that they could not use Bush name in their answer, in other words, explain why they were voting for Kerry specifically, the Liberal would become nonplussed, and then hostile. I have also asked Liberals what they would have done, specifically, in Iraq. The answer is invariably some variation of Anything except what Bush did. Pressed to specify what, exactly, that means, the Liberal is, predictably, nonplussed and then hostile. Asked what he would do about Social Security, the Liberal responds, Anything except what Bush proposes. When pressed for details, the Liberal becomes nonplussed, then hostile. Notice that the neurosis is manifested by an inability to accept reality and an overt hostility towards any questioning of his belief system. by Ken Ankenbrandt

Masonic Illuminati Luciferian New World Order Secret What on earth could be so secret? Who Cares? So what if they take oaths, have orgies, sacrifice children? What's the big deal if they have killed thousands of their own who break rank? I don't care, but I'm curious. What the hell could be the big secret? Would it explain why U.S. Presidents, Congress, Judges, World leadres, the military, local government, leaders in religion, science, academics, journalism and various economic sectors behave and make decisions the way they do? Maybe the answer is out of sight, out of mind. Beneath your feet. These Satanists have created heall and plan on send us all there. The technology exists. Two mile deep tunnels. Think English Channel tunnel. Subways. Deep Underground Military Bases. (DUMB) 1500-2000 U.S. Military bases worldwide. Above ground cities designed as giant human movement/processing garbage disposal units. Nuclear powered submarines? Hidden underground nuclear-powered, high-performance crematoria. Industralized mass genocide. Smokestack vents disguised as water diversion culverts along modern highways worldwide that traverse desolate, empty windswept miles. Toll- based super highways through smoggy, traffic- congested cities. Coastal and waterside cities use the sewar systems. Public works projects. Chicago Big Dig. New York underground water supply. Strings of pearls spanning the globe. One world government. Go underground to hell country worldwide human garbage. A secret worth killing for. HELL IN EARTH. Remember when Oprah got all her prominent black friends together for a luxury liner cruise in the Caribbean? They have now succeeded in getting African heads of state to offer automatic citizenship to all black Americans. McCain and Schwartezenegger want to keep the flow of undocumented, illegal aliens that become the disappeared going. Why? Pehaps because the Canada through Mexico superhighway is yet to be completed. Europe is absolutely crawling with more illegal aliens than America. A vast supply of disappeared ones to work underground. Silvi's second lecture said covert military bases would all rise up at the appointed time. Did she even know what she was talking about? See Chamish second set of photos of U.S. Military base under construction in Israel. Just look at that waterr diversion culvert in the desert five miles from the ware houses for 18,000 doomed souls. Similar massive metal culverts are built along Hwy. 40 in New Mexico's desert. Boulders surround them, as if in preparation for a flood. It is a desert. The boulders are camouflage. Same thing through Wyoming and Colorado. They are everywhere. Think the autobahn in Europe. NWO Secret Revealed.

Democrats Vote To Increase The Price of Gasoline Two measures on the war in Iraq were recently offered in The United States Senate. Both envisioned getting out as soon as possible. Both gave tacit support to Al-Qaeda. Both lost. Thank heavens. I know it's a brutal idea. If America fails to control the outcome in Iraq, the price of your gasoline will go up. And your heating oil. And your propane. And your diesel. And thousands of products you buy. In fact, not only will the price go up, you will have to suffer through the chaos of gasoline shortages. And shortages of diesel, propane and heating oil fuels. Why? There are those who believe our strategy (strategy?) in Iraq is dumb. Senseless killing continues. The war effort has been appallingly mismanaged. Efforts to create an Iraqi democracy have failed. Backed by the United States, the Kurds are in a four way struggle with Syria, Iran, and Turkey for control of the Kurdish ethnic areas of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran. At stake: the oil fields near Kirkuk. Shia factions and criminal gangs are in a three way conflict over who will control Southern Iraq. At stake: the oil fields near Basra. Saudi Arabia and other predominately Sunni nations are backing Al-Qaeda and the Iraqi Sunni population in Central Iraq. At stake: the Sunni's want to control all of Iraq with an iron fist theocracy. But wait. Iraq does have the world's third largest reserves of cheap oil. If America leaves, Iraq will be taken over by people who have no love for the United States, Canada, Australia or Western Europe. There will be a very bloody civil war. Thousands will die. If that conflict can be resolved (not a sure thing), then whatever oil production Iraq can muster will go to nations favored by the winners. Everyone else will have to compete for what's left over. The price of oil will be astronomical. Yes. This is all very ugly. But forget why America invaded Iraq. That's not the issue. The issue is: what do we do next? The Republicans don't have a clue. "Stay the course", they say. That's it? That's all they have to offer? Stay the course seems to lack a certain amount of ¿ um ¿ imagination. So. What do we hear from the Democrats? Have they developed a better plan for Iraq? Have they shown any creative intelligence? Do we see an attempt to create bipartisan support for a plan that will work? Are they willing to deal with the real world? No. The Democrats just want to Cut and Run. They pander to the ignorance of the proletariat: ¿ Oil depletion doesn't exist. ¿ Gasoline comes from the Good Petroleum Fairy. ¿ Higher prices and shortages will not gut America's economy, increase unemployment, or raise hell with inflation. ¿ Competition for declining oil production will not lead to international military conflict. See. There is no problem. If we fail to control the outcome in Iraq, nobody gets hurt. Soothing words. Everything will be OK. Liberalism ignores the downside. Are these people really that stupid? Or are they just lying to us? Walking away from Iraq will translate into higher prices at the gasoline pump. And a recession. Higher unemployment. Rising inflation. Democrats and liberals speculate endlessly about the reasons for going into Iraq. But dwelling on the past will not solve today's problems, or tomorrows challenges. The fact is: we are there, and that has created a moral obligation for the American people. We owe it to the Iraqi people to help them create a stable political environment. We have to deal with the Islamist threat. We must find a way to involve oil consumer nations in a fair and equitable distribution of Iraqi oil. Yes. We have a moral obligation to the Iraqi people to control the outcome. But what is the Democratic response? "Cut and Run" ? Although you are well aware this policy will lead to the blood-thirsty car. The Cultural Economist

Hillary Clinton in 2008? I get a real kick out of the fact that the liberal media, and even FOX News, have bought into the deceit of Hillary Clinton claiming that she has moved more to the "middle! LOL!!! Here is her new attitude towards the things that make her a liberal: Partial birth abortion? She's all for it! Gun Control? She's all for it! Higher taxes? She's all for it! More government control? She's all for it! Bigger government? She's all for it Hillary Clinton is still the same stark raving left wing liberal that she's always been, and no amount of words, or press coverage to the contrary can change that! Look at her voting record!

Al Gore, and the rest of the fanatical liberals, seem to have forgotten the lessons of the past, particularly, the quotes of many of our forefathers, regarding the "evolution" of the US Constitution! The Constitution can NEVER succesfully be a "living" Constitution, where it changes as the peoples of this country change society! This great country's Constitution will only serve this great country, to the extent that the people, "We the people", serve, and obey the principles that were laid out SPECIFICLY, over 200 years ago! Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, and, can just do that, move on!

A post by an anti-Christian bigot liberal
Submitted by: wouldent you like to know Saturday, 1/22/05, 11:11 PM
hey im here with my bible in one hand and my rifle in the other ready to look at some anti liberal propaganda !!! wooo-e !!! i cant wait till we git rida them librals and then them gaaays ...and then we kin finally make things the way the good lord intended them to be ...yeee haw

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